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Dubai Bank’s leading-edge financial system satisfies the modern standards and customer needs when you have to open a bank account in Dubai. Due to this reason, the UAE financial institutions have been accredited globally and increased a perfect reputation with respect to the services they offer.

A lot of business people are interested to open a bank account in Dubai-UAE, everyone wants to open their personal and corporate bank accounts in Dubai, and so they can secure their monetary assets. Most of the above said affirmative facts increase the possible interest of international investors and business owners to keep their companies’ capital in the banks of Dubai

It is important to mention that the procedure of Dubai bank account opening for corporate use is differs from bank to bank. Bank account opening in Dubai requires time in order to complete all necessary steps of the application to open a bank account in Dubai.


Bank Account in Dubai UAE – Presence Requirements

As per the legal protocol of the financial institutions of the United Arab Emirates, it is compulsory to be physically present in Dubai for UAE bank account opening. Else, the process will be considered illegal and the bank will not permit opening a bank account in Dubai. The reason for physical presence is that original signature of the documents and personal identity confirmation is an obligatory requirement which allows the applicant to open a corporate bank account in UAE.