Trademark Registration

Why Your Company Needs a Trademark Registration?
Trademark registration in UAE gives legal rights to the company that owns it.
You will be able to enjoy all the benefits from the success of your products.
You can transfer the trademark to another product or person.
A trademark will show the goods and services are good to one company only.

Trade Mark Registration

Anyone who has worked extremely hard to build their brand knows how important it is to protect your work. You wouldn’t want anyone trying to imitate your brand and claim it for themselves, right? That’s why it’s important to look into trademark registration services. If someone tries to copy your work, intellectual property rights come into action and help to protect business owners from imitation. Trademark registration is an important asset for business owners. Protecting your work will help create more revenue for the business and brand recognition. Nidi Services specializes in trademark registration and can easily help you protect the business you worked so hard to build.

trademark registration

Document Required

  1. Information on trademark owner including the nationality, name, and address.
  2. The nature of the business the trademark will be used for.
  3. A draft of the mark.
  4. If the mark is not in Arabic, then you must provide the meaning or significance of the mark.
  5. A notarized Power of Attorney from the trademark holder.
  6. If priority is being claimed, you’ll need to complete a priority application and get an approved.
  7. copy of the priority document.