Business Plan

A well-documented business plan will highly increase your chance to succeed in business. Those seeking to obtain a loan, getting an investment capital, planning to set up their business in a mall or even for those seeking renewals of their licenses from regulatory authorities, a business plan serves as a guideline to achieve desired results. Most businesses can also measure the actual results vis a vis the plan desired. Nidi Services, offers Business plan services as well as feasibility reports.

Why a Business Plan?

  1. A business plan is a ‘must-have’ document that will enable the entrepreneur to define the objectives and goals.
  2. It is an important piece of communication when pitching for more investments to investors or bankers for growth and expansion.
  3. If one is planning to expand their business, a business plan can describe the strategy and plan for the resources, the manpower required and make the process more structured.
  4. The Business Plan can also help you manage funding requirements in advance.


Feasibility Report

  1. 1. For high value investments, we recommend conducting an in-depth feasibility report especially when planning to establish a manufacturing plant, a factory or a development center.
  2. 2. This Report will have additional market related data, technical information on the project and detailed financial implications.