Investor Visa

There are two different types of investor visa:

  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Investing in any Company of Dubai

Step to follow:

STEP 1: Investor / Partner Visa Application
  • In order to apply for Partner Visa the individual must be a Partner in the Trade License. The License can be a LLC or Professional.
  • The minimum share required for Partner or Investor visa is 25%.
  • Type the Investor Visa application from any authorised typing centre along with the required documents.
  • If the person is inside country then type Visa for Inside country and If the person is outside the country then type application outside country.
  • On approval from Immigration the visa will be sent through registered email id at the time of application.
  • There is no Bank Guarantee for Partner Visa. Get our services of investor visa in Dubai for further details.
STEP 2: Change Status
  • If the Partner is inside the country, on getting the Residence Entry permit, he can to do the change status without exiting the country.
  • The change status can be done by applying through any authorised Typing centre.
  • On receiving the approval message from GDFRA, the change status documents will be sent to a registered email id.
  • STEP 3: Medical Typing
    • On completing the Change Status, you can then do Medical typing and then proceed to do the Medical Test at the authorised Medical Centre.
    STEP 4: Emirates ID Typing
    • Once Medical typing is done then you can do Emirates ID typing and then proceed for finger prints (if required).
    STEP 5:Visa Stamping
    • On receiving the Medical report and EID application, proceed to the nearest Typing Centre to process the Visa stamping. We can provide attestation services for investor visa in Dubai
    • Once the application is submitted online one should wait for the approval from the Immigration.
    • The approval message will be received through sms on the mobile number given and an Airway bill number will be assigned to pick up the Original passport by Nidi Services.
    • Kindly contact Nidi Services and arrange for pickup of documents. After the Visa is stamped on the passport Nidi Services will deliver the passport after 2 working days.